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Rådgivning, Utbildning, Handledning

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In brief:
Architecture, Agile modeling, Mass customization, Business models, Process Configuration Agility, UML, MDA, SysML, OOA, BPMN, Use cases & requirements.

Milan Kratochvíl, MBA, certified UML 2 professional/Advanced
- advisor, analyst, bussiness-to-IT bridgebuilder
- fluent in IT-talk, biz-talk, and plain speak
- well-known consultant & instructor, writer & speaker
- in Kista Science City between Stockholm and Arlanda Airport
- on-line since 93, in IT since 1977
- taught, in addition to consulting, 350 courses (public and in-house, on both sides of the Atlantic) in agile modeling and more
- former chair of 3 experience-sharing pools at the Swedish Computer Society in Stockholm (members of IFIP), in cooperation with the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) and author of reports, papers and articles in IDG Sweden's Magazines, DT 3.0, SvD/N, Dagens Industri (plus some in Boston/Needham, Oslo, Prague).

Lean/Agile and Architecture are by no means in contradiction. Their common denominators are flexibility and minimization of duplicate/unnecessary effort. The less architected and modular an approach, the more "promiseware" necessary - and the more effort spent clarifying what it's supposed to do; when Lean or Agile is misinterpreted as absence of architecture, it increases the risk of long lead time and heavyweight analysis paralysis which it would decrease otherwise.

Architecture and knowledge sharing are cool (there's nothing hot about Ignorance Hiding).

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(...) "by far, the best course I've ever attended."
(from e8Johan's blog of 27 Sep. )

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